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Pepper Adams, Baritone Sax, "Once Around", Thad Jones & Mel Lewis, Jazz Festival, Montreux 1974

Park "Pepper" Adams III, Baritone Sax solo starts at 2:42 min.

Already in the late-1950s, Stan Kenton had an appropriate nickname for the baritone beast:

"The Knife."

Pepper Adams and Nick Brignola were indisputably, unquestionably the two greatest bari sax players ever.
No other baritonist has ever come close.
(Frank Basile, keep practicing)

Pepper Adams did his best work in the 1970-1980 period. Recommeded Pepper Adams albums/CDs from this decade: "Ephemera", "Reflectory", "Be Bop?" [with Barry Altschul], "Baritone Madness" [Nick Brignola], "The Master", "One For Bird" [Bishop Norman Williams], "Twelfth & Pingree", "New Life" [Thad Jones/Mel Lewis], "Julian", "Four On The Outside" [Curtis Fuller], "Live in Europe", "Live Jazz By the Sea", just to name a few...

"Urban Dreams" (1981) is also phenomenal, but it's a great pity he used a crappy new mouthpiece (and his new sax) during this recording (he promply discarded the piece-of-junk mouthpiece for another one that improved the sound quality, although it was never as good as the old Berg Larsen he had acquired in the late 1940s -- the one you see in the above video).

Pepper Adams considered "Reflectory" (1978) and "The Master" (1980) his two best albums. [and rightly so]

Gary Carner's website (http://www.PepperAdams.com) is a must for all Pepper Adams and baritone sax fans.

No "Yakety Sax"...

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