domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Chet Baker, Stuttgart, 1988

When I was reading Jeroen de Valk's beautiful book 'Memories Of A Lyrical Trumpeter' (available in English under the title: 'Chet Baker: His Life And Music') there was a passage I was very intrigued by:

"...On April 1st, there is this peculiar performance for the German television: Chet looks like a living corpse and wears a ghostly white suit. But his playing is breathtaking. There is an atmospehere of urgence, of 'now or never', as he pushes endless streams of melodies out of his trumpet..."
When the guitarist's amplifier produces feedback, he says in an irritated way: 'Please don't play with it while I'm singing this tune!' (You can see that bit on 25:50)

(From Jeroen de Valk's book as mentioned above, page 199)

I immediately want to find footage described like that. It is on a DVD called 'Torino 1959/Stuttgart 1988' from Impro-Jazz) which happened to be in my personal collection.

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